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This Ormus is made from the best herbs for radiation detoxing and longevity. Dr. Fred Bell always said the 3 best were Fo-ti, Ginseng and Gotu Kola. So I took fresh leaves or roots of all three and added them to warm freshly charged lightning water to make a tea. Then I added Dead Sea Salt and mixed it all up. Finally I added natron (baked baking soda) and mixed it up again. After letting it settle and washing it 3 times, its now ready for use.

At the University of Michigan, they studied test results from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs of World War II, and found certain people who were close to ground zero to the radiation had no radiation long-term genetic damage; whereas people 40 or 50 miles away who had received a lot less radiation, were either sterilized or had genetic damage that they would pass on to their children. They discovered that a high level of electrolytes like sodium, potassium and phosphorus and the herbs, fo-ti, ginseng and gotu kola protect against radiation. As a matter of fact, fo-ti, is one of the most powerful herbs you can put in your body. If your hair starts to turn grey, fo-ti will turn it back to its natural color again (sounds like its loaded with Ormus minerals).

Did you know that the longest-living man’s secret to longevity was the use of two best herbs, ginseng and fo-ti, for health benefits which deliver the “elixir of youth” effect?

Li Ching-Yun, resident of the Kaihslen region in the province of Szechwan, was a Chinese herbalist, martial artist and former university professor who had the longest confirmed lifespan in history. He lived to be 256 years old (1677-1933).

According to the book, Nature’s Medicines (Wilshire Book Company), “Li’s longevity was due to his strictly vegetarian diet, his calm and serene attitude toward life and the fact that he used two powerful rejuvenating herbs prepared as teas.” One of the herbs was ginseng, and the other was fo-ti.

Nanddo Narian, an Indian yogi who lived to be 107, claimed that the main health benefits of gotu kola could be attributed to a unique property found within it. This unknown quality was further researched in Algeria by the French where they discovered a compound that they called "youth vitamin X", which had a particularly tonic action on the ductless glands of the body. Nanddo Narian wasn't aware of these latest scientific gotu kola facts, yet he nevertheless came to the conclusion that gota kola was the finest of all herbal adaptogens


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Fallout Ormus

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