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Extra Virgin Olive Oil is loaded with polyphenals. For this  I use the Olive in the Raw Oil, which now has the 2nd highest count of polyphenals in the world.

More information on their amazing olive oil:


That award winning raw olive oil has a really strong hearbal taste so I also use another Extra Virgin Olive Oil with less polyphenals, but a better taste. That way the taste isn't too sharp and the health benefits are still there. 


I then add the Dead Sea and Baja Gold salts to the olive oil and mix it up numerous times  a day while then letting it sit on an orgone or tesla purple charging plate to give it good vibes.


All my Ormus Oils are now Ozonated too for added benefit.  The benefits of Ozone Thearapy are well known. When bubbling the gas in oil it Oxygen gets trapped making the oils even more potent for healing.


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Ormus Olive Oil

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