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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best way to store the liquid and powder products and how long is the shelf life?
    It is best to keep all liquid and powder products in a cabinet away from excessive heat, light, and EMFs. Products can be refrigerated, but it is not required unless they are herbal Ormus products. All liquid and powder products are most effective up to 6 months after opening. However, as long as proper storage conditions are met they can be used beyond 6 months, but may be less effective. Please note: once opened (especially if left without the lid on) any number of things can contaminate the product from the natural environment which could cause it to go off. Also, do not drink directly from the container as bacteria from our mouths can contaminate the product.
  • What are the large particles floating in my liquid product?
    You won’t find large particles in all liquid products, but if you do rest assured that it is harmless and just the nature of Colloidals. This is common colloidal behavior called flocculation. The Colloidals will over time collide and combine causing them to fall to the bottom. Since they are just larger particles, they are still beneficial. So, most people just shake it up or if they are bothersome one can simply pour the liquid through a coffee filter to catch the larger particles like I do when I'm initially bottling the liquid.
  • Why were my products shipped to me wrapped in foil?
    Metallic foil creates a Faraday Cage to block all EMFs and keeps the products at their highest potency.
  • How much of the ingestible liquid products should I take?
    With all my liquids I always suggest starting off with just a couple drops on an empty stomach. You can hold the drops under your tongue as long as possible before swallowing so it will be better absorbed into your blood stream. That method is called taking it sublingually. Over time you can increase the dosage as desired by listening to your body.
  • How many times should water be run through magnetic vortexers?
    To get the benefits of the magnetic energy, you only need to run the water through the vortexer one time. However, you can run it through as many times as you like to get even more energy from the magnets. Some people prefer to run it through as many as 3-6 times, but I personally only run it through once. This applies to both the magnetic vortexer and the magnetic vortexing funnels.
  • What is the difference between the iron magnetic vortexing funnel and the PLA plastic magnetic vortexing funnels?
    The main difference between these two types of magnetic vortexing funnels is the material that they are made from. The iron funnels are 3D printed using BPA free magnetic iron PLA while the plastic funnels are 3D printed using BPA free standard PLA. PLA filament is considered a food safe 3D printing filament. The main benefit of the iron magnetic funnel is that it behaves similarly to pure iron so you can move the magnets around and add more magnets to the funnel if you would like. Whereas the PLA plastic funnel has stationary magnets and it is difficult to adhere additional magnets to it. The PLA plastic funnel is easier to care for than the iron funnel. Both funnels are hand wash only, but to avoid rusting, the iron funnel must be hand dried immediately after use or washing.
  • Does the magnetic vortexer work with glass bottles?
    Unfortunately, we have not discovered any glass bottles that work with the magnetic vortexer. This vortexer is 3D printed using specific parameters that work best with the plastic Fiji and Smart Water brands.
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