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This White Powder Gold was made using a variation of the the wet method of making ormus with my High ppm purple colloidal gold, Natron and Dead Sea salt. Then I simply dry it out in my dehydrator at a low temperature to turn this into an Ormus Powder.


This is very potent WPG and only requires a pinch under the tongue, sublingually.


Normally most of my colloidals are made with LVDC are which are clear in color and between 10 and 100 ppm but since this is higher in quantity it turns a puplish color. So 1 drop of this purple gold goes a long way since it is of such high quantity and quality.


Most other Colloidal Gold on the market is made using High Voltages which makes a larger particle size and you'll have that red-ish color. This is good gold but since the particle size is so large a lot of it doesn't get absorbed and is wasted. Since I'm using Low Voltage DC I get smaller particles sizes which is why its clear in color like whats found in Nature until I up the quantity to 1,000ppm. So you see the quantity and the quality both affect the color. If a company doesn't even disclose whether they use Low or High Voltage, that's a Red flag for me that they have something to hide. I open source all my methods and all my findings to give the finest quality product I can.


I made this Ormus Powder by taking a liter of my 1,000 Purple Gold. Then after adding organic dolomite lime I preformed the John Hudson method. After washing it 7 times it's now an off white Ormus powder ready to in-joy. This had a huge amount of bubbles and precip when making this verifying that its indeed Full of Gold. I had to change into a larger bottle to wash it since it was so large. This is by far the most potent White Powder Gold that I know of.



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1,000ppm Purple Gold Ormus Powder

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