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12 Basic Cell Salts

No. 1. Calcium Fluoratum Connective tissue, skin, joints

No. 2. Calcium phosphate Bones and teeth

No. 3. Iron phosphate Immune system

No. 4. Potassium chloride Mucous membranes

No. 5. Potassium phosphate Nervous system

No. 6. Potassium sulphate Metabolism

No. 7. Magnesium phosphate Muscles

No. 8. Sodium chloride Water regulation

No. 9. Sodium phosphate Metabolism

No. 10. Sodium sulphate Purification

No. 11. Silica Connective tissue, skin, hair

No. 12. Calcium sulphate Joints, pus


Twelve cell salts were recognized and categorized by a German biochemist William H. Schuessler in 1873. He found that there are certain essential minerals that the body requires, in proper balance, in all of its cells. An imbalance or a lack of any of these minerals may lead to disease in the tissues so lacking. Providing the missing minerals to the tissues corrects that imbalance, and so eliminates the illness. This seemingly simple system of cure has great practical application in health. Using only a small number of harmless combinations (or "salts") of these minerals, it is possible for any individual to treat him- or herself simply and effectively for a great variety of everyday minor ailments. It is significant that such cell-salt treatment is replenishing something the body lacks and wants, as opposed to merely suppressing illness with drugs and other chemicals. Drugs do not provide missing cell nutrients, but drugs do add harmful chemicals to the body which ultimately compound the problem. The Schuessler cell salts may be seen as special raw materials for the body, which you need more of if you run out of what you normally have.


A "salt" is any type of readily dissolvable mineral combination, not just table salt. Many people take dietary iron supplements, but few would chew on a rusty nail for an iron source. The same is true with the Schuessler minerals: the potassium, silicon, iron,phosphate or other substance must be in a special potentiation to be most useable to thebody. Most Schuessler cell salts are in a homeopathic potency, which uses minute quantities of a substance with great effect. The potentiation process multiplies the essential energy of a substance while at the same time decreasing the dosage amount. The subtlety, harmlessness and effectiveness of such preparations have been clinically proven for well over two hundred years, since the beginnings of homeopathic treatment in the 18th century.


Anyone can buy and use these twelve cell salts, separately or in combination, without fear of toxicity. This includes old or young alike, those taking medications, and even those using other natural therapies. Cell salts do not react with medications because they are supplying minerals on a cellular level. 


The Twelve Salts and Some of Their Keynote Symptoms

(The most commonly-used abbreviation is followed by its traditional and chemical names.)


1. KALI PHOS (Kali Phosphoricum; Potassium Phosphate)

a. mental/emotional symptoms predominate

b. Feel as if "I'm too tired to rest."

c. Anxiety, brain fatigue, irritability, temper-tantrums, sleeplessness, dizziness,

nervous asthma

d. easily bleeding gums


2. KALI MUR (Kali Muriaticum; Potassium Chloride)

a. white mucus, swollen glands

b. white or gray coated tongue, glandular swellings, discharge of white, thick

mucus from nose or eyes

c. indigestion from rich food


3. KALI SULPH (Kali Sulphuricum; Potassium Sulphate)

a. yellow mucus, later stages of illness, congestion and cough worse in evening

b. dandruff, yellow coated tongue, yellow crusts on eyelids

c. gas, poor digestion


4. CALC PHOS (Calcarea Phosphorica; Calcium Phosphate)

a. teething remedy

b. upset stomach, post-nasal drip, chronic cold feet, poor dentition


5. CALC SULPH (Calcarea Sulphurica; Calcium Sulphate)

a. sores that heal poorly, herpes blisters

b. pain in forehead, vertigo, pimples on the face


6. CALC FLUOR (Calcarea Fluorica; Calcium Fluoride)

a. poor tooth enamel, cracks in palms of hands, lips

b. hemorrhoids


7. NAT MUR (Natrum Muriate; Sodium Chloride)

a. dryness of body openings, clear thin mucus

b. effects of excess overheating; itching of hair at nape of neck

c. early stage of common colds with clear, running discharge

d. insect bites (applied locally)


8. NAT SULPH (Natrum Sulphuricum; Sodium Sulphate)

a. rarely needed

b. green stools and other excess bile symptoms

c. Sensitive scalp, greenish-gray or greenish-brown coating on tongue, influenza


9. NAT PHOS (Natrum Phosphoricum; Sodium Phosphate)

a. simple morning sickness; acid rising in throat

b. Headache on crown of head, eyelids glued together in morning,

c. grinding of teeth in sleep; pain and sour risings from stomach after eating


10. MAG PHOS (Magnesia Phosphorica; Magnesium Phosphate)

a. Muscle spasms, cramps and menstrual cramps, if always better with heat

b. hiccups; trembling of hands

c. teeth sensitive to cold


11. FERRUM PHOS ( Ferrum Phosphate; Ferrum Phosphate)

a. first stages of inflammation, redness, swelling, early fever

b. congestive headache, earache, sore throat

c. loss of voice from overuse


12. SILICEA (Silica)

a. white pus forming conditions, boils ("homeopathic lancet"), stony-hard glands

b. Sty in eye area, tonsillitis, brittle nails


12 Cell Salts Ormus


I made this by adding a mixture of all 12 Cell salts to harmonically structured water. Then after mixing it up I added Dead Sea Salt and finally Natron (baked baking soda) to make ormus. After letting it sit and washing it 3 times it's now ready to in-joy.




  • Full Spectrum
  • Mental Clarity
  • Rejuvenation
  • Improves Vision
  • Increases Intuition
  • Sense of Calmness
  • Better Communication Between Cells

12 Cell Salts Ormus

PriceFrom $22.00
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