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Make your own Minerals

Did you know you can make more than just colloidal silver at home?

There’s over 50 other beneficial elements you can choose from like iron, magnesium, gold, indium, copper and so on. I even make Colloidals with meteorites and crystals.

You don’t need Harmful Chemicals or an expensive machine that produces 1000s of volts to make your own minerals.

All you need is:

-12V 1amp AD/DC adapter with alligator clips,

-1 glass mason jar filled about 3/4ths full with Distilled Water,

-And at least 2 metals (two .999 pure silver coins, or one silver coin and .999 pure magnesium, or one .999 pure copper coin and .999 gold wire, the possibilities are endless)

I buy my gold wire from here:

And my other metals mostly from here:

I’ve been making my Colloidal Minerals for a few years now. I was TOLD that you need 1,000s of volts to make Colloidal Silver or Gold when really all you need is 9-36 volts. After seeing Bob Becks work with a 9 volt batter and two silver wires, I first started using a 12 volt battery. I would just leave it running for a few hours and then it's done. The problem is that the battery eventually looses its juice so you have to recharge it or keep a battery charger on it like one you would buy for a car. So now I'm using the 12v AC/DC power adapter with aligator clips so you don't have to worry about your battery dying in the process and can use this as long as needed.

Most colloidal producers use High voltage AC which makes it quicker but also larger particles are created and you have to have both metal elements the same since the current alternates back and forth in both directions. With DC, direct current, the power just flows in one direct so you only need to have the element you with to make on the positive anode side.

This method is like you’re ‘slow cooking’ the elements like one slow cooks food. By using a lesser voltage and taking more time, you also get a finer particle size since you aren’t hitting it with more powerful jolts of electricity. All my mineral waters are mostly clear in color instead of Gray, or Red or Purple like you see others selling. Personally if I’m ingesting some mineral water it SHOULD be practically clear. Plus the smaller the particle size means that it will be more likely to be absorbed by your cells.

By no means am I trying to discredit anyone else’s methods. I’m just putting this out there because this is a simple alternative method of creating various minerals for those who don’t want to mess with chemicals and don’t have a lot of money to invest. All you need to really invest in is the precious metals. I recommend starting off with some .999 Silver or copper coins or .999 Zinc and Titanium bars are great to start with too. Then all you have to remember is to connect the element you want make onto the + Anode(Red). So if you’re making Gold water put the gold on the + and a Silver Piece on the -. Also you don’t want to have any of the alligator clips in the water because it will contaminate your water with whatever cheap alloys they are made of.

I now have over 54 elements in Colloidal water form and I'm always adding more minerals to my list to add to my medicine cabinet. For instance, Pepto Bismol’s active ingredient is Bismuth Subsalicylate so by simply buying a piece of Bismuth and making it into colloidal form you now have your own medicine for an upset stomach. Want to lose weight and counteract the affects of sugar? Most weight loss pills like Diurex have a form of Magnesium for their main active ingredient. So simplye get a piece of pure Magnesium and away you go. I also make multiple elixirs. The Noble Minerals elixir is all the Platinum Group Metals plus Silver and Gold which makes one powerful elixir that everyone can benefit from.

You can check my products at this link:

I’m also able to sell my products at a cheaper rate than most because I didn’t have to invest $1,000s in equipment. Another great advantage to this method is you can make the Ormus elements that you want in the ratios you want instead of just getting what is in the salts you use. I also make Ormus using DSS via the Wet method but I also love making Colloidal Minerals because I know exactly what I’m ingesting.

Measuring your Minerals

A TDS PPM meter (~$20) is also great to have on hand so you know how potent your water is getting. The distilled water should be at 0 and then after a few hours it should be around 3-5ppm. If you leave it overnight it should be around 10ppm. Then you just unhook it when you’re at the PPM you want.

Filter and your Finished

I also like to filter the water through a coffee filter to remove any of the large particles that are created or anything else that might have gotten into the water during the process.


Video from 2015 of me describing how to make nonometer sized ionic colloidals:

Adapter Only or DIY Kit

As an option you can get a .999 1oz silver coin and a .999 1oz copper coin with mason jar, and 2 clothspins. You just need to add water and plug it in to start making colloidals. Coffee Filters and funnel not included since they are only needed to filter large particles if desired.

12v DIY Colloidal Generator

PriceFrom $27.00
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