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This unique piece is made from fine gold colored brass particles, aluminum shavings, selenite powder, glow in the dark sky blue powder, ormus powder, resin. The same Archangel Michael mold is used for each piece so each piece will be unique while still similar as possible to the pictures. 


These  Archangel Michael Orgonites attracts chi energy, and transmutes negative energy.

Also glows sky blue, Michaels ray of color.


I have numerous testimonies of people being haunted by various negative spirits, yet when they have one of these Ormus Orgonite pieces, the spirits can't even get close to them.


One friend of mine said the dark spirit was even poking her and making her uncomfortable. She couldn't sleep and didn't know what to do. Now that she has an Orgonite piece the spirit can't bother her. Another person reported her daughter being tormented by a spirit every time she was in a certain room and after the addition of this Orgonite they never had any reportings afterwards.


Ormus Orgonite


A few years ago while doing research for an invention I was led to Orgone (also known as Chi energy, Prana, Reiki, Tachyons, Aether, Eck, all different names for the same thing). For those who don’t know about Orgone or Orgonite, here’s a great place to start:


I was looking for the smallest size of metals, like gold and silver, to make the most layers in my Orgonite when I ran across nano gold and silver. Nano gold (also known as colloidal gold, M-state gold or White Powder Gold) is one of the most fascinating Platinum Group Metals found in the group of Ormus minerals.


Here’s a great site to start at for those who don’t know anything about Ormus minerals:


I am now making both Ormus and Ogonite and combining the two technologies into an HHg. By adding Ormus minerals, WPG (White Powder Gold), and my MultiMinerals Colloidal elixir (over 33 elements) to my Orgonite resin, I’ve noticed a huge increase in the energy from the Orgonite HHGs make. I also add quartz powder instead of just a quartz shard which increases the overall energy exponentially.


 I have combined these two powerful Spiritual tools, Ormus and Orgone, they can easily be used to enhance all areas of your life - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By simply holding an Orgone device or being near one, negative energy will be cleared from your field creating a higher, more balanced and healthy state. Using your intent you can also direct this Source Energy towards personal healing, protection and spiritual awakening. What this means is that you now have a practical tool that can create and maintain a positive energy field in your home, car, and workplace for both yourself and those around you


 Benefits of Orgone Technology

Experience more vitality and a restful sleep

Mental and physical stress

Increases spiritual growth<

Food, water, herbs and supplements

Create a more harmonious home & workplace

Cars experience better MPGs

Protect yourself from negative energies

Clear emotional and energetic blocks

When near electronics they transmute harmful EMFs into harmonious vibes<

 Likewise they transform the harmful effects of Cell towers in your city into positive waves

Clears any haunted areas of negative entities

My grandma even says that it has brought her good luck at bingo

I’m sure there’s plenty more uses that others can think of too.


***** Please note ***** Returns are only accepted if product is returned in new, unopened condition.


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Archangel Michael Orgonite

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