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•    Approximately 25 ppm 
•    Made from .999 pure molybdenum and structured distilled water
•    Made using the process of low voltage electrolysis
•    It is a clear liquid that flocculates white
•    Virtually tasteless
•    Suggested to begin with 1-2 drops sublingually per day, but can be 
        consumed in larger amounts as desired


The element and its alloys are used in the manufacture of valves and boiler plates.  A silvery metal produced and sold as a grey powder and used in alloys, catalysts and electrodes. World production is 80,000 tonnes per year, most of which is converted to molybdenum sulfide, a lubricant additive. This element is essential for several living things, and probably for humans, although only in tiny amounts. The average human takes in about 0.3 grammes a day and stores about 5 milligrammes in the body

Molybdenum is an element that is present in very small amounts in the body. It is involved in many important biological processes, possibly including development of the nervous system, waste processing in the kidneys, and energy production in cells.

Molybdenum is an essential element in human nutrition, but its precise function and interactions with other chemicals in the body are not well understood. Some evidence suggests that too little molybdenum in the diet may be responsible for some health problems. Molybdenum is used to treat rare inherited metabolic diseases, such as Wilson's disease in which the body cannot process copper. More research is needed to learn whether it may have a role in preventing cancer and other diseases. It has shown promise in animal studies in reducing the harmful effects of certain cancer drugs on the heart and lungs. Use of molybdenum may also ease the negative effects of certain drugs commonly prescribed as cancer treatments.

Proponents claim molybdenum is an antioxidant that prevents cancer by protecting cells from free radicals, destructive molecules that may damage cells. Some supporters also claim that molybdenum prevents anemia, gout, dental cavities, and sexual impotence. The risk of toxic reactions from molybdenum is quite low, the Linus Pauling Institute reports.

Although it is toxic in anything other than small quantities, molybdenum is an essential element for animals and plants. If soil lacks this element the land is barren. Leguminous plants use the nitrogen-fixing enzyme nitrogenase, which contains molybdenum.



A mineral that brings balance and continuity to life. It can help engender reliability and constance in one's environment and self, giving equilibrium in all areas of life. Molybdenum is also a super stress reliever. It can also be useful in retaining possessions and making progress. Molybdenum enhances communication between conscious and inner selves, as well as filling in holes or voids in the aura. It balances the chakras, as well as the physical body and the mind. Molybdenum is helpful for all types of healing because it energetically balances the body toward health.


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Colloidal Molybdenum

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