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•    Approximately 25 ppm 
•    Made from .999 pure praseodymium and structured distilled water
•    Made using the process of low voltage electrolysis
•    It is a clear liquid that flocculates white
•    Virtually tasteless
•    Suggested to begin with 1-2 drops sublingually per day, but can be 
        consumed in larger amounts as desired


Praseodymium is a chemical element with symbol Pr and atomic number 59. Praseodymium is a soft, silvery, malleable and ductile metal in the lanthanide group. It is valued for its magnetic, electrical, chemical, and optical properties.It is too reactive to be found in native form, and when artificially prepared, it slowly develops a green oxide coating.

The element was named for the color of its primary oxide. In 1841, Swedish chemist Carl Gustav Mosander extracted a rare earth oxide residue he called "didymium" from a residue he called "lantana", in turn separated from cerium salts. In 1885, the Austrian chemist Baron Carl Auer von Welsbach separated didymium into two salts of different colors, which he named praseodymium and neodymium. The name praseodymium comes from the Greek prasinos (πράσινος), meaning "green", and didymos (δίδυμος), "twin".

Like most rare earth elements, praseodymium most readily forms trivalent Pr(III) ions. These are yellow-green in water solution, and various shades of yellow-green when incorporated into glasses. Many of praseodymium's industrial uses involve its use to filter yellow light from light sources.

Physical properties

Praseodymium is a soft, silvery, malleable, and ductile metal in the lanthanide group. It is somewhat more resistant to corrosion in air than europium, lanthanum, cerium, or neodymium, but it does develop a green oxide coating that spalls off when exposed to air, exposing more metal to oxidation—a centimeter-sized sample of Pr completely oxidizes within a year. For this reason, praseodymium is usually stored under a light mineral oil or sealed in glass.

Unlike other rare-earth metals, which show antiferromagnetic or/and ferromagnetic ordering at low temperatures, Pr is paramagnetic at any temperature above 1 K.

According to Dr. Joel Wallach "Rare Earths: Forbidden Cures" Praseodymium enhances proliferation of normal cell growth and doubling of the life spans in laboratory species.


Praseodymium (5th): A feeling of needing to be “so much more” than one perceives oneself at present, and as efforts are made towards tackling a challenge, they seem to ultimately collapse—a frustrating feeling of 2 steps forward, two steps back.

Praseodymium is the last remedy in the primordial part of the lanthanides. It is in stage 5, the same stage as Vanadium (ironseries) and Niobium (silverseries). The astrological sign here is cancer, the primordial soul.
Nurturing, support, emotional bonding, belonging, roots, source. Ground of your being. The unconscious, feelings, emotion, first emotional attachments to the world. Mothering, emotional and physical nurturing. Experiences and imprinting during infancy and childhood. Family, ancestors, heritage, relationships to the past. Belonging, feeling at home, caring. Feeling supported, that needs are provided for. Insecurities and fears if your needs haven’t been fulfilled.
Stage 5 has the polarity between claiming and abandon with the purpose of stable emotions. But in order to get stable, the complement capricorn has to be integrated. Capricorn has the polarity of formal and depressed with the purpose of construction.
So Praseodymium in stage 5 is the phase of achieving stable emotions in the process of interactive (gemini) integration (scorpio) which is the goal of the lanthanides as a whole.
In Secret Lanthanides it is about  a cautious quality.
Hesitant, not daring to do what they feel their own plan. Keep looking from which side problems can arise. 

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Colloidal Praseodymium

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