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-Approximately 25ppm of Colloidal Thorium

-Only 9999% Pure Thorium, and structured distilled water to insure purity

-No Artificial Ingredients, Preservatives or Additives

-Made in small batches in my lab to help ensure quality

-Little to no taste, or smell

- Rare, Limited supply, now offering 1oz & 4oz


Awaken the warrior within


Taking just a drop a day of this in the morning gets me going and I feel alive on all systems. Others that have taken this, have reported the same to me. I can see why the government is storing tons of Thorium. No government would want this mineral to be part of the daily diet of the people they are trying to keep in control. Thorium used to be found in the topsoil and in the plants we eat with all the other minerals that we are deficient in since the dust bowl.


Re-gain your warrior spirit.


Ever wonder where the phrase “You’re Radiating” came from? Did you know that radioactive elements where used in the early 1900s in toothpaste, cosmetics, and medical applications?

Today radioactive elements are banned and the governments have stockpiles of Thorium despite its weakly radioactive properties. With other natural substances like cannabis and colloidal silver being banned I have to ask myself if it was banned because it was too good or too bad for your health like stated.


Still I'm selling this as “NOT for Human consumption.” I think it would be great to use a couple drops of colloidal thorium as a catalyst for HHO gas production to run cars and I’m looking forward to experimenting with it that way.


Thorium is not a rare element, as elements go; it is fairly common in the earth's crust. However, because it is radioactive, the government has large stockpiles of it, though other materials have proven more efficient in various uses and these stockpiles remain. (Talk about a way to reduce the deficit--just sell some of the depleted U and Th to collectors!). And because of governmental concerns about safety, collectors have all the more difficulties in locating samples. The piece I got was cut from thick foil and wrapped in lead. Thorium, when it IS available at all, is generally found in this sheet form like Uranium metal, Thorium metal is safe to handle when using common sense.

The metal picture is a picture of  the actual piece used in the electrolysis process:




Thorium is a chemical element with symbol  Th and atomic number 90. A weakly radioactive actinide metal, thorium is one of only three radioactive elements that still occurs in quantity in nature as a primordial element (the other two being bismuth and uranium). It was discovered in 1828 by the Norwegian mineralogist Morten Thrane Esmark and identified by the Swedish chemist Jons Jacob Berzelius, who named it after Thor, the Norse god of thunder.

A thorium atom has 90 protons and therefore 90 electrons, of which four are valence electrons. Thorium metal is silvery and tarnishes black when exposed to air. Thorium is weakly radioactive: all its known isotopes are unstable, with the six naturally occurring ones. Thorium is estimated to be about three to four times more abundant than uranium in the Earth's crust, and is chiefly refined from monazite sands as a by-product of extracting rare earth metals.


Thorium was once commonly used as the light source in gas mantles and as an alloying material, but these applications have declined due to concerns about its radioactivity. Thorium is also used as an alloying element in nonconsumable TIG welding electrodes. It remains popular as a material in high-end optics and scientific instrumentation; thorium and uranium are the only radioactive elements with major commercial applications that do not rely on their radioactivity. Thorium is predicted to be able to replace uranium as nuclear fuel in nuclear reactors, but only a few thorium reactors have yet been completed.


Thorium can be used as a source of nuclear power. It is about three times as abundant as uranium and about as abundant as lead, and there is probably more energy available from thorium than from both uranium and fossil fuels. India and China are in the process of developing nuclear power plants with thorium reactors, but this is still a very new technology.

Thorium is an important alloying agent in magnesium, as it imparts greater strength and creep resistance at high temperatures. Thorium oxide is used as an industrial catalyst. Thorium dioxide was formerly added to glass during manufacture to increase the refractive index, producing thoriated glass for use in high-quality camera lenses.


Thorium is found as the minerals thorite, uranothorite and thorianite. It is also found in monazite, which is the most important commercial source. Several methods are used to produce the metal, such as reducing thorium oxide with calcium or electrolysis of the fluoride.


The Philosopher's Stone and Modern Science


Though the notion of a simple philosopher's stone of the alchemic sense fell out of scientific conception by at least the 19th century, its metaphors and imagery persisted: man's attempt to discover the essential secret of the universe, redemptively transforming not just lead into gold, but death into life.

In 1901, Ernest Rutherford and Frederick Soddy discovered that radioactivity was a sign of fundamental changes within elements, and it was Soddy who quickly made the connection between this and the ancient search for the philosopher's stone (Soddy had studied alchemy extensively as a hobby). At the moment of realization that their radioactive thorium was converting itself into radium, bit by bit, Soddy later recalled that he shouted out: "Rutherford, this is transmutation!" Rutherford snapped back, "For Christ's sake, Soddy, don't call it transmutation. They'll have our heads off as alchemists." However the term stuck, in part because it drew the new discoveries in nuclear physics into a longer cultural and mystical web.


When it was discovered that radioactivity was also tapping into a latent source of energy bound inside atoms, this furthered the thought that radioactive decay might be the ultimate philosopher's stone. Later, the discovery of nuclear fission would become consciously connected into the same narrative, especially with optimistic hopes of energy "too cheap to meter" and great utopian cities of the future run on nuclear energy.


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Colloidal Thorium

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