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Titanium was discovered by a German chemist in 1791 and named 1795 for the Greek mythical characters known as Titans. They were giants who pre-dated and gave birth to the Greek gods.

Titanium is a sliver-white colored metal which is resistant to rust, heat, and seawater, and are hypoallergenic It is often used for medical tools and technical tools in various fields. The living body conducts electric currents throughout itself, related to the nervous and muscular systems. Disturbances in the body’s electric current can generate various maladies. In our everyday lives, we are constantly exposed to various electromagnetic waves, which can harm the body. Titanium, with its strong ionization tendency, promotes better electrical current through the body and helps counteract the negative electromagnetic waves in our environment. The results include improved metabolism and the reduction of muscle stiffness and pain. Athletes and medical specialists both have begun recommending the curative properties titanium recently.

Titanium possesses such extraordinary qualities such as the following:

1. it is lightweight

2. it is sturdy

3. it will not rust

4. it does not produce allergic reactions in the human body

Because of these highly –regarded characteristics, Titanium is now used in everything from everyday products such as eyeglass frames, golf clubs, watches, cameras, to such highly advanced products as medical equipment, as well as parts used in the space aeronautics industry.

Titanium has recently begun to garner further interest as sports professionals and athletes, from high school soccer players to runners in the international marathon, in baseball league to golf PGA, have been wearing titanium necklaces, titanium bracelets and titanium coated-tape around their necks, wrists and arms. Many who wear these titanium bio jewelleries have reported that there is a miraculous beneficial effect of improving blood circulation and reducing muscles stress. This has cause an increasing trend of wearing titanium bio jewelleries in sports. In fact, it is an essential accessory for many professional players of major league sports clubs and sports associations now. Titanium has been proven to be so popular in sports that television shows have been broadcast special features stories around this new phenomenon. The New York Times has also reported this new phenomenon under the heading “Is Your Bat Speed a Bit Off? Try a Titanium Necklace “ in June 22, 2005.

How Titanium affects the Body, and its Benefits.

Electricity is constantly flowing throughout the human body. Muscles respond sensitively to minute amounts of this electric current. Human cells are composed of atomic nuclei as well as electronic nuclei. Electronic nuclei emit positive and negative charges that delicate balance each other. In order words, it is probably not an overstatement to say that our bodies are controlled by electricity. However, if for some reasons the positive and negative charges in our cells are upset and the delicate balance them are disrupted, the electric currents in our bodies become uneven and unbalance. This results in such aches and illnesses as stiff shoulders, lower back pain, headaches, dizziness, ringing tone in the ears, diarrhea, constipation, and severe ocular pain.

According to Eastern Oriental medicine, every organ, whether it is the brain, heart, liver or kidney, maintains its own electromagnetic field. When the dedicate balance of these fields are upset the flow of “ki” or life energy, is disrupted, leading to illness.

Today, we live our everyday lives surrounded by all kinds of household electrical appliances. Whenever these appliances are operated using electricity, they invariably produce electromagnetic waves. These waves always disrupt our biological electrical currents and damage our physical health. However, a life without electrical appliances and equipment is now no longer feasible. Therefore, in order to live healthier lives, we must help balance and repair the disruptions to our biological electrical currents. To put it more simply, we need to bring in electricity from outside of our bodies-this idea is the crux of all medical treatments using electricity or magnetism.

Electrons or cluster of electrons that produce electrical charges are called ions. Many methods of medical treatment use the effects of ions, or ionization. For example, ultrasound and irradiation using low frequency waves are often employed in the treating of muscles pain, or in the rehabilitation of patients with partial paralysis. These treatments take advantage of the fact that when the body is exposed to electrical current of electrical waves, it becomes heated. The increased warmth encourages a more vigorous flow of blood throughout the body, simulating sympathetic nerves and causing the capillaries and vessels to expand. This in turn improves metabolism, and encourages cells to expel toxic wastes more easily. Furthermore, appropriate warmth helps to relieve pain and bring about relaxation. Other beneficial effects include the loosening of muscles, the alleviation of pain and spasms, and the increased alkalinity of such bodily fluids as blood and lymph node fluids.

The disruption of biological electrical currents can also be corrected by using metals. Metals by nature emit positive and negative (minus) charges, and it is the degree to which these charges are emitted that determines their ionization strength. Ionizing propensities differ from metal to metal, it has been generally recognized that aluminum possesses the strongest such effect, followed by zinc, iron, nickel, tin, lead, copper, mercury, white gold and gold. However, until recently, it has been discovered that Titanium is believed to have an even higher ionizing effect than any of these metals.

Titanium is thus extremely effective in correcting the disruptions in a person’s biological electrical currents, thereby eliminating any unpleasant and painful symptoms. The excellent results derives from wearing a titanium bracelets are due to the fact that titanium emits electrical currents that are beneficial in correcting and balancing a person’s disrupted biological electrical currents.

Physical Titanium is found in it's highest concentrations in the muscles and bones. There it promotes growth and an upright posture. Italso has anti-flamatory properties, particularly in the case of colds, bronchitis, pneumonia and kidney infections. Titanium fortifies the heart and the ability to regenerate the organism.

Psychologically/Emotionally Titanium has an enlivening and freeing effect in the case of claustrophobia, fear and oppression. It promotes sexual fulfillment amd is helpful with problems of impotency and premature ejaculation.

Spiritually Titanium confers honesty, independance and spiritual greatness.


 These statements have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to prevent, cure or treat disease.

Colloidal Titanium

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