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This hat is made from: 100% Cotton

Inner hat is made from: 100% Silver Fiber (53% silver fiber, 47% polyester fiber)


The specialized materials are designed to protect the brain from absorbing harmful ElectroMagnetic Radiation just like a Faraday Cage, and is custom-sewn to prevent any gaps which the EMR may slip through. This ensures that your head is shielded from all EMR including 5G, WiFi, Cellular, and other various sources of EMFs. Even the brim is made from these radiation-blocking materials.  This cap shields 99.9% of harmful emfs which have been verified with my trifield meter.


To top it all off, the hat looks like a typical baseball cap. This allows you to wear it at home, work, out in public, or anywhere else you may go.


So it's like wearing a tin foil hat only better as this is made with copper and silver and looks like a normal cap. I saw some other hats made with stainless steel woven into the thread but they were not as effective as this is with the copper and silver woven in.


I like to wear this when I'm working on my computer surrounded by Wifi and EMFs and even refer to this as my thinking cap because it seems to block out all other noise and mind chatter. My mind just feels more at ease when I wear this. I love making Ormus with this hat on as well for this reason as it helps me get into the zone easier.


Radio waves and brain waves are both forms of electromagnetic radiation so this can also help block you from physic attacks. This hat works just like Magneto's helmet in the X-men comics only a woven metallic fabric instead of solid metal. In the movie X2 Magnetos' EMR blocking cap is what saved the day even.


Some electrical linemen wear full Faraday Suits made with a similar fabric, which allow them to work on live, high-voltage power lines without risk of electrocution. The suit prevents electric current from flowing through the body, and has no theoretical voltage limit.


David Blaine even wore a Faraday Suit when playing with Tesla Coils for 72hrs strait. Looking like a medieval knight, Mr. Blaine wore a steel chain-mail body suit, including chain-mail socks, and donned a wire helmet to complete the encasement of himself in a Faraday suit.


So you see this Faraday Hat is the same concept as a Faraday cage or Faraday Suit and while it doesn't block the entire body it does protect your head and your thoughts from EMR.

Faraday Fabric Eck-Tech Hat

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