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This Ormus is made with Dead Sea Salt, No Salt (Potassium), Sea 90, 12 Cell Salts, Natron, and Noble 8 Elixir.


I started fasting in 2010 with 72 hr fast and worked up to a 33 day fast in 2012. Then I stopped fasting for a while up until 2018. I've been doing a lot of 144 hr and 168 hr (6 and 7 days) fasts with a day or two of OMAD refeeding and then back to fasting again. Many have asked what I use when I'm fasting so here it is.


I just put a few drops of this Ormus into my water and then I get all the minerals my body needs. This is my crutch when fasting. If I'm a little hungry, needing energy, or feeling a little off, Then I make sure and drink my minerals. Then fasting is really just a mind game because my body is still getting a load of minerals just not any "food."


Fasting Ormus Process

I made this by adding Dead Sea Salt, No Salt (Potassium), Sea 90, 12 Cell Salts. After mixing it up well I added Natron and let it sit. Finally, I wash it 3 times and top it off with Noble 8 elixir. Now it's ready to in-joy :).




Full Spectrum

Mental Clarity


Improves Vision

Increases Intuition

Sense of Calmness

Better Communication Between Cells


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Fasting Ormus

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