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• Approximately 25 ppm
• Made from .9999 24k pure gold, crystal magnetite, and structured
distilled water
• Made using the process of low voltage electrolysis
• It is a clear liquid that flocculates white
• Virtually tasteless
• Suggested to begin with 1-2 drops sublingually per day, but can be
consumed in larger amounts as desired

Possible Benefits:

Both Gold and Magnetite are great for the synchronization of the hemispheres of the brain and feeding the pineal gland. Now they are together in this amazing 3rd eye elixir.

To learn more about the pineal gland and how Colloidal Magnetite and Colloidal Gold work with the pineal gland please visit the work of Frank McGillion, The Pineal Gland and the Ancient Art of Iatromathematica, published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration at:

Search my main site for this same product for much more information:

More information on how I make my colloidals and Ormus here:

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Gold Magnetite Colloidals

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