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Since Pure Calcium reacts violently in water, I can't make a colloidal out of it. So I've been looking for other ways to make an Ormus calcuim supplement and it doesn't get much better than this.

The shell of an egg is such a common product that is readily discarded as useless. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception because it is not only beneficial as a nutritionally dense food, but It can be used for several purposes. Hungarian physician Krompeher, with a group of medics and biologists, became interested in the healthy properties of eggshells. More than 10 years of research have shown that eggshells are the ideal source of bio-available calcium (dense and well absorbed).

Eggshells contain the perfect amount of the ideal substances for healing cavities naturally – massive amounts of calcium and 27 other minerals. The composition of eggshells resembles our teeth bones so eggshells provide the necessary amount of calcium to remineralize teeth and bones as well.

I made this into an Ormus Powder by using egg shells from my own duck and quail eggs. You want to use the best eggs you can find since the shells will be more nutritious.

After boiling the shells to make sure any pathogens were killed, I then blended it up in warm aetherically charged water until it was a fine powder. Next I added that powder to structurred filetered water to make a tea. With that tea I then added Dead Sea Salt and Natron to make Ormus.  After washing 3 times I dry it into a powder. 


Needless to say this is loaded with calcium.

Topping out at 1/2 teaspoon to a teaspoon is all you need a day of this Incredible Ormus Powder.

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Incredible Egg Shell Ormus Powder

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