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16oz of Highly charged spring water 


This water gives you a differnt kind of energy than caffeine. This is electomagnetic energy that helps build your aura or magnetic field around your body, thus strengthening your spirit. 

Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to mix electricity and water? Yes, that’s correct you shouldn’t do that because you could electrocute yourself. Aetheric energy is a different story; this energy is not easily contained for long. It slips through almost everything and there is no metal, glass or plastic that can contain though it is attracted to certain things like water, geometric shapes, and quartz crystals.


We’ve all experienced this energy when we get a shock after sliding our feet on the carpet and touching a metal doorknob or another person. By using my Tesla coil which is known to produce static electricity (miniature lightning bolts or aetheric energy), I have created a way to reproduce the ancients water which empowers the spirit and the mind through the body.


In the Grand Canyon, at an ancient Native American site, they found a room which had a lightning rod 3 inch in diameter descending through the cliff where it ended at a large water bowl in a small room. In this chamber, the walls were covered with white powder. This white powder is believed to be the same stuff found in the Kings chamber of the Pyramid of Giza.


It is commonly accepted that we are mostly made up of water and that it is imperative for us to consume it for our daily functions. The ancients always talked about a different kind of water. I’m sure you’ve heard of the stories of the Fountain of Youth or the Water of Life. We typically picture this as literally changing us to a childlike state rather than simply being returned in spirit and in health of a child who hasn’t accumulated any problems.



Sources of miracle healing water have been popping up all over the world the last few decades. It is even rumored that Magic Johnson visited the site in Tlacote Mexico where millions of people have traveled long distances to receive this water. Other places known to have this miraculous water around the world are Nordenau Germany, Nadana India, Lourdes France, and in China and Japan. Instead of traveling to these places it is now possible recreate this aetherically charged water.


I made a simple video showing how to easily charge any bottle of water with aetheric energy by only using a Van De Graff generator, a bottle of water, and a hammer (a Mjolnir works too). When I went back to grab some screen shots of the lightning in the water I noticed that you could actually see the bottle filling up with lightning. On the right side of the bottle in the first picture, which is about 3 seconds into the video, there’s about a third of it that doesn’t have any lightning in it. Then on the second picture, which was about 8 seconds into the video, you can see on the right side that there’s less of an area without any electrical discharge in it. On the Final picture you can see it’s now fully charged up with aetheric energy. It makes a louder pop when it does this which is how I normally know it’s fully charged. Until I made this video I never knew that you could actually see it charging up through the previous discharges.


This water really helps to build your magnetic field, also known as your aura. During these times with all the EMFs it is extremely beneficial to increase your own field and this is a simple way to accomplish that.


These bottles are charged right before packing to help hold as much charge as possible during shipment. No shock is guarunteed but either way its still highly charged water. 


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Lightning Water

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