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This Orgone Pillow is great for accelerated healing.


"Orgone" is the name that Dr Reich gave to what we usually refer to as Chi, the vital force. He found that orgone energy is attracted to organic materials such as cotton, wool, leather, or silk, and water---and the tissues of living bodies.


The pillow is made up of layers of the finest 0000 steel wool and organic cotton material. I glue Selenite Powder and Fine Magnetite Sand on the steel wool outer layers. These fine Selenite particles help clean the energy and the magnetite really helps increase the overall energy accumulation. This structure gets the Orgone Energy from the atmosphere and transfers it to the body. I finish by spraying the outer layers with rosewater to raise the overall energy frequency.


I have multiple options of pillows now available. 

You can choose:

the size- Standard 18"x18" or Large 20"x28"

the case- Basic white or standard size limited edition 

the fluffiness- with or without


The fluffiness option was recently added to provide versatility to the pillow.  The pillow without fluff is great to use as a meditation pillow and the pillow with fluff provides a comfy place to lay your head.


When buying such a pillow it is important to know how many layers and what materials are used. You want at least 6 layers for humans and this pillow has 12. Also, you need fine particles (such as Selenite powder) to help clean the energy, or else you could attract negative energy. Magnetite is the other secret ingredient of really helping increase the energy.


By the time energy builds up through 12 pairs of alternate layers, the orgone will have accumulated a significant charge and this can transmit a profound healing effect on the biofield of the body. It is suggested to be at least six-fold for people, but animals need much less. 

When I sleep with this pillow at night, I go quickly go from being in this world to the astral realm. When I meditate while sitting on this pillow I can really feel energy flowing through me. This is a powerful pillow that accumulates lots of chi energy and should not be taken lightly.

Orgone Healing Pillows

PriceFrom $63.00
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