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Feel the Power of 528 hz (LOVE)
Anywhere, Anytime with MyPiezo and 528hz


You can use it with anything that plays an mp3 file like iPhones, mobile devices or computers.

There are many free files on Youtube for starters


You can place MyPiezo anywhere on your body that needs healing. The 528hz frequency has been proven by science to repair DNA and is the frequency of love so by placing MyPiezo over your heart, for instance, it will resonate to this frequency. Also if you have a bruise or a back ache you can tape it to your bruise or your back; wherever you need healing or love. You can wear it while you sleep or under your clothes during the day.


Besides 528 hz, there are lots of different frequencies you can listen to.


MyPiezo essentially turns any MP3 player into self-modulating 'Hudla Clark Zappers" or 'Rife Machines' since you can play any frequency your wish. Still I prefer and recommend starting with 528 hz.


You can also use it like Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone. By placing the MyPiezo over the 3rd Eye, this will engage your Pineal Gland, open up your intuition, and you’ll have a “limitless IQ” since your brain hemispheres will be in sync. Great for meditations


This can be used anywhere on your body to bring loving healing vibrations or it can be used to charge a gemstone or a crystal. Just after a few short moments on MyPiezo you can feel the effect from the crystal. MyPiezo can also be used to change the crystalline structure of water. Dr. Masaru Emoto has done extensive research on the crystalline structure of water.


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