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The Palma Christi (Palm of Christ)(Ricinus Communis) is the name given to the plant better known as the castor oil plant. Most of us think of castor oil as taken internally to purge the bowels, yet it was also used extensively in eastern Europe centuries ago in the form of an external compress. This method of applying castor oil has since been revived by Edgar Cayce, the renowned American psychic.


Today the external compress is known as a castor oil pack, which is simply a piece of cloth soaked in castor oil so you can apply it on the skin, normally on the right side of the torso to heal the liver.




The reason this treatment is so effective is that the castor oil goes through the skin into the liver area and lymph glands and starts drawing and flushing out toxins. Our liver produces one third to one half of the lymphatic fluid in our bodies so it needs to be kept in good shape. The lymphatic system is one of the major channels for absorption from the gastrointestinal tract with its main function being the absorption of fats.


90 percent of the oil is composed of ricinoleic acid and three percent is composed of oleic acid. In 1961 ricinoleic and oleic acid derivatives were studied for their anti-microbial properties and found that these two substances were superior in their activity against several species of bacteria, yeasts and molds when compared to sorbic and 10-undecenoic acids, two known anti-microbial agents.




Edgar Cayce Movement


The rise in popularity of the medical medium, Edgar Cayce, also known as the illustrious bedside healer was said to go into a trance, embodying the person’s energy, then coming to an immediate prescription, sourced not from his own mind but from the Akashic Records.


The one prescription that stood the test of time and was seen in every one of his protocols for the 1800+ people he cared for was the castor oil pack. This simple treatment seemed to be the staple and foundation of his protocols.


Having this esoteric healer as the forefather of these castor oil packs in North America could be argued as a detriment to the professional reputation of the packs. Some regarded Edgar Cayce as a “quack” and his treatments akin to “snake oil” or “hokey” or “woo-woo” medicine, which gave these packs the appearance of being very unconventional.


But the fact is that Cayce was not the first to use this illustrious oil in combination with a pack as a healing treatment as they were first documented in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medical texts. The oil has enjoyed much praise from the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus,Hippocrates (the “father of medicine”), the famous Greek philosopher Galen, and even the Bible, in which castor oil was said to be used as an anointing oil by Jesus Christ.


Ormus and Others


The castor oil pack is an evolution of the use of castor oil, designed to maximize its potential and now by adding Dead Sea salt to the mix that makes this oil even more potent.


To make this Palm of Christ Ormus Oil I take Cold Pressed Organic Castor Oil and add Dead Sea Salt. Then I shake it up sporadically the next 3 days while I let it sit in a M.E.O.W. device. Finally I filter out the large particles of salt.


The "Queen of Thrones" Dr. Marisol, also sells Castor oil pack kits and has great videos full of information.


All my Ormus Oils are now Ozonated too for added benefit.  The benefits of Ozone Thearapy are well known. When bubbling the gas in oil it Oxygen gets trapped making the oils even more potent for healing.


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Palm of Christ Oil

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