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I have been asked to make a colloidal Calcium but calcium metal is explosvie in water sooo that's never going to happen. Another great way to get calcium is from egg shell.


Most eggs shell powders are from chicken eggs whereas I have both ducks and quail eggs. My girls are so spoiled.  I feed them plenty of extra minerals including ormus powder in their feed and my Noble 8 elixir in the water. I also give them tons of treats like dried black soldier fly larva which is loaded in calcium. The ducks also get to free range around my backyard all day and hang out with my dog. 


To make this powder I combine both duck and quail egg shells and bake them in the oven to destroy all possible bacteria. I then pulverised the shells into a fine powder. Great for humans, pets, plants and other lifeforms :)

These eggs are from coturnix quail and on average half are speckled colored and half are blue with spots. 




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Quail & Duck Egg Shell Powder

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