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I'm always re-inventing things to make them better.


2 years ago I made the Magi Mane Elixir which is a composition of 5 colloidal minerals that benefit hair growth. I noticed some improvement from just those minerals then.


Then a year ago I read about these oils that also stimulate hair growth so I combined them all together to make one really great formula.


This year I upgraded my hair formula again by using Ormus Live Oils and adding Red Palm Ormus Oil. I also made the Magi Mane Elixir into a powder and added it that way instead of trying to mix water and oils. This works much better since you don't have to shake it up and adds a whole bunch more minerals.


Contents: Castor Ormus Oil, Red Palm Ormus Oil, Black Seed Ormus Oil, Olive Ormus Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lavender Oil, Cayenne Pepper, Magi Mane Elixir Powder (Colloidal Gold, Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Copper, Colloidal Ruthenium, Colloidal Tin)


Just like how if we want plants to grow we need to give them the right nutrition, the same applies to our hair on our head. We start losing our hair because our bodies are deficient in minerals so it shuts down hair growth to concentrate on more important tasks like keeping you alive.


So by Reseeding my scalp with minerals and healing oils my receding hair line is going away. Slowly but surely my hair is growing back naturally. I'm not making any claims that this will grow your hair back, but I can tell you that my hair has started to grow back since I've started using this.


All my Ormus Oils are now Ozonated too for added benefit.  The benefits of Ozone Thearapy are well known. When bubbling the gas in oil it Oxygen gets trapped making the oils even more potent for healing.

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Reseeding Mineral Oil

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