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This New Powerful elixir contains equal parts of the following:

1,000ppm Purple Colloidal Gold

200pm Colloidal Iridium

200pm Colloidal Rhodium

100pm Colloidal Titanium

100pm Colloidal Indium

100pm Colloidal Zinc

25ppm Colloidal Silver


Has anyone else noticed on the show The Boys they take a magical substance known as Compound V to give them their super powers which sounds a lot like the Noble (Ormus) minerals, or more specifically colloidal gold?


I can definitely relate as when I first learned about nano gold nearly 15 years ago I dove head first into taking large amounts and fasting so eventually I gained my psychic powers and could hear peoples thoughts like Professor X. It became too much for me to handle a few years ago so I took a step back from taking my minerals and ate more of the standard American diet, gaining weight. My powers went away and I became “normal” again.


Now that I’m eating better again and taking my minerals more regularly too my psychic powers are coming back as well. I’ve been taking this super elixir of 7 elements that has my highest concentration of gold, which is purple in color.


Just recently I’ve noticed if I stop the process in making my purple gold early then I get this nice blue color of colloidal gold. But it still eventually turns purple within 24hrs. Weird huh, IDK. If


Anyone knows of any stabilizers that might help keep it blue please comment below


So now I can make clear, yellow, red, blue, and purple colloidal gold, perhaps eventually I’ll figure out green too : )


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            Returns are only accepted if product is returned in 
                                 new, unopened condition.


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Super 7 Elixir

PriceFrom $33.00
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