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-Approximately 25ppm 

-Only 9999% Pure Gold and structured 5.5ph filtered Kangen water 

-No Artificial Ingredients, Preservatives or Additives

-Made in small batches in my lab to help ensure quality
- 12v electrolysis is used to process the colloidals is like slow cooking a steak compared to microwaving it like using the higher voltage processes, which still works, but will be larger particles, thus of lesser quality. 



Reported Gold Benefits:


Well Being


Hand-Eye Coordination



Better Memory

Mental Focus

Balances Hemispheres of the Brain



I make my Pure Colloidal Gold from 24k .999 pure Gold, and distilled water (that has been harmonically restructured using a Tesla Purple Plate), through the process of electrolysis (no Salt). 

When metallic gold is divided into fine particles and the particles are permanently suspended in solution, the mineral becomes known as Ionic Colloidal Gold and exhibits new properties due to the larger amount of gold surface area available. The finest, tiniest particle, gold colloid is yellow, and clear being the only size smaller.


Rose water was added to this. Rose water has one of the highest frequencies and also helps hydrate, revitalize and moisturize the skin giving it with that refreshed look.


What makes these colloidals different is the PH of the water is ~5.5 which is the same ph of the skin so it’s more readily absorbed leaving your skin feeling fresh. This water is great to use as a face toner and I even like to spray it on my facial hair for a healthy beard.

I make this 5.5 ph water using electrolysis via a Kangen medical device so no chemicals are used to obtain this ph like other contemporary methods.  


While the PH is important that’s not all I do to this water of course lol.


The water I use is Filtered with numerous stages and various mediums, Purified with Natural Action Technologies, Ionized and Microclustered with the Kangen, Vortexed and Structured with a phase congregate array of magnets. After making this amazing water with the correct 5.5 ph for topical use, I use it to make various colloidals and I place it on chi accumulating orgonite to keep up its vibes. 


These come available in a 1oz Boston brown glass bottle with spray applicator.


***** Please note *****

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Topical Colloidal Gold with Rose water

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