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Sea water contains 92 minerals, trace elements and organic compounds plus more than 50,000 organic substances.

Over fifteen million gallons of sea water are used each year for the production of SEA-90 minerals and trace elements. Only a few ounces of mixed with water creates a "seamazing fertilizer", and as little as one ounce of SEA-90 Essential Minerals fed daily to livestock provides nearly complete mineral nutrition.

Scientists report that the major benefit of SEA-90’s minerals and trace elements is to stimulate, feed and enhance micro flora populations. Micro flora or micro biota live in the soil, on plant tissue, and in the digestive systems of all life forms.

Crop production benefits from enhanced micro flora populations include:

Enhanced nutrient uptake

Significantly improved flavor

Greater production and yields

Reduced days to harvest

Reduced transplant shock

Reduced drought stress

Reduced heat stress

Livestock benefits from enhanced micro flora populations include include:

Enhanced Fertility and conception rates Improved Health

Improved freshening

Reduced mortality rates

Quicker weight gain

Improved Meat flavor

SeaAgri’s inspiration comes from the research of Maynard Murray MD, Weston Price, DDS, William Albrecht PhD, Arden Anderson MD, Jerry Burnetti, author and renowned speaker, Robert Cain, President SeaAgri, inc, and Hugh Lovel, multi-disciplinary scientist. SeaAgri is dedicated to fulfilling Dr. Murray’s lifelong dream of improving human health by bringing Sea Energy Agriculture to gardeners, ranchers and farmers throughout the world

Maynard Murray MD

Sea Energy Agriculture is the discovery of Maynard Murray MD, a biochemist, research scientist and medical doctor specializing in ENT medicine.


Dr. Maynard Murray - Sea Energy Agriculture CreatorThis amazing technology evolved from Dr. Murray’s question, “Why does man, God’s most perfect creation, fall prey to degenerative disease?” Dr. Murray searched for answers by studying various groups of centenarians (humans who regularly live beyond 100 years of age) throughout the world to determine why they are superior or physiologically different. Since he could not find any obvious differences, he began to examine their environment and found these cultures live in virtually isolated ecosystems. The soils of their ecosystems were preserved from erosion, cared for sustainably without the use of chemical fertilizers or poisons, and in many cases, fed by mineral rich glacial streams. Therefore, he concluded that the answer must be in the soil and the food these centenarians produced and consumed. As a scientist and understanding the periodic table of elements, he wondered how many of the 90+ water soluble elements of the earth’s crust remained in the soil and available for plants growth and development. He conducted analyses of soils and the produce from various agricultural regions and discovered large discrepancies in elemental and vitamin content. He also studied the soil microbial activity and life.

As a result of discussions with other scientists, he learned that cancer or cancerous tumors were very rarely found in ocean lifeforms. Knowing that the sea once covered all land masses, he directed his research to the study of sea life. During the next several years, he traveled for months in fishing boats at sea dissecting thousands of species from the seas and did not find any traces of cancer, heart disease, or other degenerative diseases. Amazingly, his research concluded that aging on a cellular level does not occur in sea life. Dr. Murray then analyzed the mineral composition of seawater and found more than 90 water-soluble elements present in a constant proportional balance. When an excessive amount of any element flows into the sea through erosion or run off, it precipitates out or drops to the sea floor. He determined that sea life lives and feeds in an environment where shortages or excesses in the 90+ periodic table elements are virtually non-existent unless manipulated by mankind.

Dr. Murray discovered that our agricultural soils, and consequently the food grown in it, are seriously depleted of minerals through leaching, erosion and over cropping. Current agricultural practices replaced six to 12 of the 40 elements considered critical for optimum plant growth and development. Dr. Murray questioned if the 90+ elements he had found in sea water are essential. He knew that all individual cells in the human body are constantly replaced during the process of cell division. While cell division occurs, the cells are supplied with elements and nutrients provided by the food ingested. When critical elements are no longer present in our foods, they become nonexistent in our bodies. Therefore, Dr. Murray deduced that the only logical explanation for the frightening increases in cancer and other forms of chronic degenerative disease is the absence of a complete and balanced chemical physiology.

Dr. Murray also theorized that the most efficient method to remineralize our precious soils (and the resultant foods) to their optimum mineral composition is to recycle the elements lost to the sea back into the land. Thus, the technology of Sea Energy Agriculture was discovered. Dr. Murray conducted extensive agricultural research trials during a 30 year period. All trials were focused on the soil-root route of plant to animal nutrition. In his initial greenhouse experiments, he utilized the highest quality sea water collected by the US Navy three miles off shore in the Atlantic Ocean. He poured small amounts of sea water on the soil and determined that the 3.5 percent mineral solids in sea water had a profoundly positive effect on plant growth and development. As Dr. Murray began planning large scale experiments and field trials, he realized that the cost of securing the amount of sea water necessary to provide the required mineral solids to adequately remineralize soil was economically cost prohibitive. Therefore, he searched the world for a natural source of pure sea mineral solids that are elementally exactly the same as the ocean water the US Navy previously supplied. Fortunately, he discovered the perfect location in North America that he disclosed to Robert Cain of SeaAgri prior to his death in 1982.

SEA-90 sea mineral solids, created in this specific location are unique in their mineral and trace element richness due to five major factors:

First: SEA-90 is created from a sea enriched with several million tons of top soil deposited into its delta by a powerful river.

Second: mineral rich Pacific Ocean water with its 85 known elements blends with our sea water to further add to the mineral balance.

Third: rare earth elements are added to this sea water mix from geothermal vents along a fault line on the sea bottom.

Fourth: the location’s climate has average temperatures exceeding 100°F (37° C) and less than one-half inch (1.25 cm) annual rainfall guaranteeing quick solar dehydration and a complete mineral package since no elements are leached away.

Fifth: and increasingly important, the area is extremely remote and remains pollution free.

These sea mineral solids (not sea water) were then utilized in Dr. Murray’s amazing research.

All Dr. Murray’s experimental data and conclusions are based upon the use of sea mineral solids as a soil fertilizer from the exact same location where SEA-90 is created. He never sprayed diluted solutions of sea water on plants as a foliar fertilizer nor did he offer sea mineral solids to livestock as a mineral salt. Therefore, staying true to Dr. Murray’s research, SeaAgri’s initial focus at its conception in 2003 was to provide SEA-90 sea mineral solids to farmers as a soil amendment. In 2005, the price of fuel doubled causing the cost of shipping to increase 50%. Most businesses would have failed at this point, but realizing the potential of sea energy agriculture, SeaAgri’s customers began trying other methods of incorporating SEA-90 into thei

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