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Palo Azul (Kidney Wood)

Palo azul means "blue stick", and it gets its name because the bark of the plant is used to brew an incredible blue fluorescent tea.


 Palo azul's blue color is caused by fluorescent flavonoids, which are phytonutrients that plants produce to defend themselves from oxidative stress, UV light, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens.


These fluorescent flavonoids are a family of polyphenols that also make palo azul a powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory tea. 



This 2021 study mentions that palo azul is used as a “blood purifier, against liver diseases and as a hypotensive”, meaning that it lowers blood pressure.

More information about all the benefits of this wonderful tea here:




To make this I started with structured triple filtered kangen water then added natron and dead sea salt I preformed the wet egyption ormus method. After washing it 3 times, I then added palo azul tea so it's now a fluorescence colored Ormus  ready to in-joy.



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Fluorescent Ormus

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