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The name of this Ormus can be misleading. There's Dead Sea Salt used in making this just like all my others versions of ormus but I also add in a potassium salt called "No Salt" to balance out the sodium. Most versions of Ormus give your plenty of the electrolytes in the form of sodium but what about Potassium?

Sodium (Na) and potassium (K) are essential minerals and electrolytes. As the latter, they dissociate into ions (charged particles), allowing them to conduct electricity. In order for the body to function the right way, they need to be regulated on both sides of the cell membrane. The recommended intake of sodium had been 2300 milligrams a day, but is now 1500 mg/d; that for potassium being unchanged at 4700 mg/day. The sodium:potassium ratio, therefore, has moved from 1:2 to almost 1:3, which is closer to what is believed to be the body’s ideal. In plants, of which humans eat too few, the natural ratio of Na to K is about 1:10.

In the typical American diet, intake of sodium (as sodium chloride) is three times higher than potassium, just the opposite of what it should be. The dietary guidelines for sodium consumption are currently being met by only a tiny percent of the population (Drewnowski, 2012)

I made this Ormus by adding 3 times as much of No Salt than Dead Sea Salt to harmonically structured water. Then after mixing it up well I added Natron. After washing it 3 times and letting it sit in an Orgonite M.E.O.W device for 3 days, it's now ready to in-joy 

In order to reach around 4700mg of potassium as recommended above One tablespoon of this Ormus should be real close to that number. That's the top end for the day and should be drank throughout the day, not taking all at once. Else you might feel too much energy and be a bit much for our body to handle all at once. One could mix a tablespoon of Ormus with a liter of water and drink it sporadically when needed throughout the day like an electrolyte energy drink.



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No Salt Ormus

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