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EMF Eliminator 

Noble 8 Elixir 4oz 

Anti Everything Elixir 4oz 

Ultimate Eye Opener Elixir 4oz 

Ormus Orgonite Pocket Coaster


All of the above individually costs a total of over $174.50 so there's a savings of over $75 for this combo.


Plus the larger the size the better the deal so simply select which size of all three bottles you would like. 


This is a great beginner's or master's collection of products that are for the awakened person who is now on the path to ascension.


 The EMF Eliminating grounding belt helps return the bodies energies to their natural state where we are grounded to the earth. 


The Noble 8 colloidals are great for getting the electrity moving again in the body and the cells come alive. 


The Anti - Everything Elixir contains the top 3 elements known for their anti microbial propertis so this is my go to elixir whenever I want to prevent or help treat a cold or flu virus. 


The Ultimate Eye Opener Elxir powerful elixir is made from a multitude of products that help decalcify and replenish the 3rd eye.


 The orgonite is great to carry with you to protect you on the go and is also great to charge up the colloidal prodcuts with beneficial energies.


All these products combined will help raise your frequency tremendously while helping you get grounded again at the same time. This is a tremendous deal for all 5 of these products together that you won't find anywhere else on the planet.

Ascension Pack

PriceFrom $99.00
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