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This powerful elixir is made from a multitude of products that help decalcify and replenish the 3rd eye.

First I took harmonically structured water and added Borox, Dead Sea Salt, and Natron (Baked Baking Soda) to make Ormus. This by itself is a powerhouse elixir for the 3rd eye with all the beneficial minerals concentrated from the salts. After washing it three times I added my colloidal Inner Eye Elixir.

The Inner Eye Elixir alone contains Colloidal Gold, Iridium, Rhodium, Calcite, Magnetite, Manganese, and Indium. All of those ionic colloidal minerals greatly benefit the Pineal Gland by themselves, together they're even better since Indium for example greatly increases the absorption rate of the minerals.

And Finally to top it all off I added some of my 15% Lugol’s Iodine which is known to remove fluoride from the body to say the least.

More information on the contents and benefits of this amazing elixir below:


Borox Ormus

Boron, the main mineral in Borax, is another powerful Pineal Gland detoxifying agent. It also has the ability to remove fluoride from the body system, and so, is helpful for preventing further calcification.

Dead Sea Ormus

Since the dawn of time salt from the Dead Sea has been available to the peoples of Mesopotamia, Palestine and Egypt. Dead Sea salts are known to have the highest concentration of gold, potassium, magnesium and calcium. It looks like milk, but has a sweet aftertaste as the Ormus stimulates the pineal gland.

Inner Eye Elixir


Colloidal Gold, Iridium, Rhodium, Calcite, Magnetite, Manganese, and Indium

Colloidal Gold

Gold is believed to have its origins as far back as Atlantis where its use in healing was marvelled at even in those days amongst the various healing masters. It was primarily used in the development of the heart chakra. It was also used for its ability of thought form amplifica­tion. Gold has a distinct effect upon the pineal gland, increasing melatonin production. The purity of gold preserves higher thoughts for later retrieval. Its highly conductive properties for electricity and for thought forms made it a highly prized metal, where it was used for the few surgical procedures that society then engaged in. Gold was also used to open the third eye. (See the traditions of the Vedic background.) Its resistance to acidity and deterioration made gold a perfect metal to use at times to implant various tal­ismans directly into the body physical. The resistance of gold to heat and to foreign life forms allowed for these implantations into the body physical. Such implantations can be found in the mummified remains of such diverse civilisations as China, Egypt, Incas, Maya's, and even in Europe. The healings properties of gold have always been sought after and well documented by all the great cultures. It has, of course, often been the standard unit by which various mone­tary systems have measured their value. Gold in its coloration promotes healing and works deeply in the collective unconsciousness of mankind on both genetic and telepathic levels. Gold has become a universal symbol dominant within the consciousness of all men and women.

Colloidal Iridium

Iridium has noted increased psychic sensitivity and a sense that an additional light bulb has been turned on in the system. Generally, people have described an inherent sense of well-being, clarity of mind, and basically a sixth chakra openness and vision. Iridium is best not thought of as a drug, but as a supplement taken in small amounts over time to slowly open the third eye.

Colloidal Rhodium

The silent enabler, Rhodium shares similar qualities with Iridium for REM, Synaptic and Antioxidant capacities, more importunately is Rhodium magnifies the body’s natural capabilities to experience and form memories. Very popular with hypnotic, frequency and energy therapy, Rhodium adds to the foundation for self-discovery and enlightenment.

Rhodium and iridium function so similarly that they are often called twins. They’re both present in the brain, and now it is generally known that around 5% of the dry weight of the substance comprising the brain is made of rhodium and iridium in this transitioned state. Like silver and gold, rhodium and iridium assist in the efficiency and performance of the neural circuitry, in the synaptic connections. Using these increases clarity and strength of the brain, making multitasking much simpler and more natural. They’ll also increase the vividness of dreams, and help with recall of them.

They’re both also becoming more and more known to have potent anti-aging properties. Rhodium is now being heavily researched as a means to treat cancer, although very little of anything conclusive has yet been published. Because rhodium works with the central nervous system, mainly the brain, it’s also instrumental in moving the body towards using sunlight as an array of nutrients more associated with where the human mechanism is going, through a type of photosynthesis.

Colloidal Calcite

Calcite is also known as the “stone of the mind.”

Inside the Pineal Gland are Calcite Micro Crystals consisting of Calcium, Carbon and Oxygen that produce bioluminescense; a “cold” light that produces light without heat, ranging in the blue-green light spectrum. In deep sea marine life that uses bioluminescense in the same way, we can look forward to more emphasis on developing the Pineal Gland for transparency within the cellular tissue of the human body. For example, there have been ongoing studies in labs with animals such as rats in which bioluminescent imaging is able to detect cancer or abnormal cell growth in comparison with thermal imaging that makes the study and conclusions more efficient and precise.

The Calcite Micro-crystals are said to have their own Piezoelectric effect that is responsive to electromagnetic energies outside the physical body, and can also produce it’s own electromagnetic energy. A new form of bio-mineralization has been studied in the human Pineal Gland using scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive spectroscopy.

Colloidal Magnitie

In the past decade or so, studies of the ferrous mineral known as magnetite, have shown that it can act as a transducer linking ambient electromagnetic activity to cellular function. In addition – in both animals and humans – magnetite has been identified in most tissues examined, including ALL areas of the brian especially the pineal gland.

Colloidal Manganese

The concentration of manganese per gram dry tissue weight was determined in samples from 39 areas of 8 normal human brains. Manganese was shown to be unevenly distributed with the largest concentrations in the pineal gland and the olfactory bulb. The gray matter yielded a higher content of manganese than the white matter. Significant differences between individuals were found for identical areas of the gray and white matter of the cerebral cortex. Higher levels of manganese were demonstrated in the tail of the caudate nucleus than in the body and the head of the same structure. No significant correlation was shown between the amount of manganese in brain and age.

Colloidal Indium

Indium seems to enhance food and mineral absorption by the body. Dr. Henry Schroeder, author of "The Trace Elements and Man", found in his early studies that Indium supplementation increased the utilization of trace elements by 142%. Indium was added to this elixir for it's ability to greatly increase the absorption rate of all the rest of the minerals making this a very potent elixir for the Pineal Gland, also known as the inner eye.


Lugol's Solution 15%

Iodine has been medically proven to help the body to shed sodium fluoride through the process of urination.


These statements have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to prevent, cure or treat disease

Ultimate Eye Opener Elixir

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